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Name Category Address
Annie's Place Restaurants 4014 Sw Gage Center Dr
Applebee's Neighborhood Grill Restaurants 5928 Sw 17th St
Applewood Smokehouse Restaurants 3310 Se 29th St
Arby's Restaurants 5930 Sw Huntoon St
Arby's Restaurants 5330 Sw 21st St
Arby's Restaurants 1187 Sw Gage Blvd
Arby's Restaurants 1820 Se 29th St
Arturos Mexican Restaurant Restaurants 105 Se 10th Ave # A
Bagel Express Restaurants 2830 Sw Fairlawn Rd
Banjo's Cafe Restaurants 5824 Sw Topeka Blvd
Bill's Diner Restaurants 2134 N Kansas Ave
Billards Airport Restaurant Restaurants 3600 Ne Sardou Ave # 4
Blind Tiger Brewery & Rstrnt Restaurants 417 Sw 37th St
Bobo's Drive In Restaurants 2300 Sw 10th Ave
Boss Hawgs Restaurants 2833 Sw 29th St
Boston Market Restaurants 2110 Sw Wanamaker Rd
Bradley's Corner Cafe Restaurants 844 N Kansas Ave
Brass Rail Restaurants 401 Ne Emmett St
Break Room Restaurants 911 S Kansas Ave
Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar Restaurants 1227 Sw Wanamaker Rd # 400
Burger King Restaurants 1800 Sw 10th Ave
Burger King Restaurants 6002 Sw 10th Ave
Burger King Restaurants 2817 Se California Ave
Burger King Restaurants 3690 Sw Topeka Blvd
Burger King Restaurants 10th & Mulvane
Cafe Holiday Restaurants 800 Sw 12th St
Cafe Next Door Restaurants 810 Se 15th St
Carino's Italian Restaurants 6130 Sw 6th Ave
Carlos O'kelly's Mexican Cafe Restaurants 3425 S Kansas Ave
Casa Authentic Mexican Foods Restaurants 3320 Sw Topeka Blvd
Casa Ramos Restaurants 837 Sw Fairlawn Rd
Celtic Fox Restaurants 118 Sw 8th Ave # 202
Cheeburger Cheeburger Restaurants 2919 Sw Wanamaker Rd # A
Chez Yasu Restaurants 2701 Sw 17th St # B
Chick-A-Dee Cafe Restaurants 3036 Se 6th Ave
Chick-Fil-A Restaurants 1801 Sw Wanamaker Rd # Vc3
Chili's Grill & Bar Restaurants 2021 Sw Wanamaker Rd
China Pavilion Restaurants 5348 Sw 17th St
Chipotle Mexican Grill Restaurants 2040 Sw Wanamaker Rd # 103
Chuckburger Restaurants 2318 Se 6th Ave
Chuckster's Bar & Grill Restaurants 1620 Sw 6th Ave
Church's Chicken Restaurants 3001 Sw 10th Ave
Church's Chicken Restaurants 201 Se 29th St
Cielito Lindo Restaurants 2222 Sw Washburn Ave
Classic Bean Restaurants 2125 Sw Fairlawn Plaza Dr
Cook's American Grill Restaurants 1936 Sw Gage Blvd
Coyote Canyon Restaurants 1251 Sw Ashworth Pl
Cracker Barrel Old Country Str Restaurants 1421 Sw Ashworth Pl
Cryster Asian Diner Restaurants 4731 Nw Hunters Ridge Cir # A
Daimaiu Steakhouse Restaurants 1221 Sw Gage Blvd
Denny's Restaurants 3210 Sw Topeka Blvd
Denny's Restaurants 1500 Sw Wanamaker Rd
Dickey's Barbecue Pit Restaurants 601 Nw Us Highway 24
El Centinela Restaurants 2121 Sw Belle Ave
El Charro Mexican Restaurant Restaurants 2800 Sw Fairlawn Rd
El Dorado Mexican Grill Restaurants 3627 Se 29th St # 101
El Maguey Restaurants 2160 Sw Wanamaker Rd # 100
El Mezcal Iii Mexican Rstrnt Restaurants 5301 Sw 21st St
El Mezcal Restaurant Restaurants 511 Sw Topeka Blvd
Famous Dave's Restaurants 1625 Sw Wanamaker Rd
Freddy's Frozen Custard Restaurants 1050 Sw Wanamaker Rd
Gage Bowls Restaurants 4200 Sw Huntoon St
Gage Bowls Restaurants 200 Ne Us Highway 24
Globe Indian Cuisine Restaurants 117 Se 10th Ave
Golden Corral Buffet & Grill Restaurants 1601 Sw Wanamaker Rd
Golden Dragon Restaurants 1101 S Kansas Ave
Golden Dynasty Carry-Out Restaurants 5141 Sw 29th St
Great Wall Chinese Restaurant Restaurants 1336 Sw 17th St
Grover's Smokehouse Restaurants 1217 Sw Gage Blvd
Habaneros Mexican Grill Restaurants 115 Se 29th St
Hanover Pancake House Restaurants 1034 S Kansas Ave
Hardee's Restaurants 2100 Sw Wanamaker Rd
Hardee's Restaurants 2424 Sw 6th Ave
Hardee's Restaurants 2300 Nw Topeka Blvd
Heartland Cafe Restaurants 5701 Sw Topeka Blvd
Heartland Cafe Uptown Restaurants 325 S Kansas Ave
Henry T's Bar & Grill Restaurants 1521 Sw 21st St
Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant Restaurants 1835 Nw Topeka Blvd # 191
Hooters Restaurants 6100 Sw 10th St
Horizon's Hamburger Palace Restaurants 821 Sw 21st St
Hu Hot Mongolian Grill Restaurants 5900 Sw Huntoon St # E
Hunan Chinese Restaurant Restaurants 5005 Sw 29th St
Ihop Restaurant Restaurants 1731 Sw Wanamaker Rd
Jade Garden Chinese Restaurant Restaurants 2038 Sw Gage Blvd
Jason's Deli Restaurants 6121 Sw 12th St # 400
Jax Drinks & Eateries Restaurants 3535 Sw Macvicar Ave
Jeremiah Bullfrogs Bar & Grill Restaurants 2940 Sw Wanamaker Rd # 130
Jersey Mike's Subs Restaurants 718 S Kansas Ave
Jimmy John's Restaurants 1025 Sw Wanamaker Rd
Johnny Carino's To Go Restaurants 6130 Sw 6th Ave
Jose Peppers Restaurants 1425 Sw Wanamaker Rd
Kansan Grill Restaurants 705 S Kansas Ave
Kansas Avenue Cafe Restaurants 2417 Sw High Ave
Kansas Vending Facility Restaurants 700 Sw Harrison St # 4
Kfc Restaurants 3211 Sw Topeka Blvd
Kfc Restaurants 3920 Sw 21st St
Kfc Restaurants 1801 Sw 41st St
Kiku Japanese Steak House Restaurants 5331 Sw 22nd Pl # 46
Kim's Vietnamese Restaurant Restaurants 1901 Sw 10th Ave
Kwan Wah Restaurants 1801 Sw Wanamaker Rd # Vc5
La Fiesta Restaurants 1017 Ne Seward Ave
La Siesta Restaurant Restaurants 201 Ne Woodruff Ave
Las Fuentes Mexican Restaurant Restaurants 3656 Sw Topeka Blvd
Ling's Cafe Restaurants 2022 Nw Topeka Blvd
London's Live Jazz Cafe Restaurants 115 Se 6th Ave
Long John Silver's Restaurants 2117 Nw Topeka Blvd
Long John Silver's Restaurants 1500 Sw 6th Ave
Long John Silver's Restaurants 2746 Sw Fairlawn Rd
Longhorn Steakhouse Restaurants 1915 Sw Wanamaker Rd
Los Charros Restaurants 4111 Sw Gage Center Dr
Los Portales Restaurants 1116 Se 6th Ave # 1
Lupita's Mexican Restaurant Restaurants 732 S Kansas Ave
Mc Donald's Restaurants 2001 Nw Topeka Blvd
Mc Donald's Restaurants 1100 S Kansas Ave
Mc Donald's Restaurants 3072 Sw 29th St
Mc Donald's Restaurants 2933 Sw Wanamaker Rd
Mc Donald's Restaurants 2880 Se California Ave
Mc Donald's Restaurants 3117 Sw Topeka Blvd
Mc Donald's Restaurants 1301 Sw 37th St
Mc Donald's Restaurants 1640 Sw Wanamaker Rd
Mc Donald's Restaurants 1201 Sw Gage Blvd
Mc Donald's Restaurants 5525 Sw 21st St
Mc Donald's Restaurants 3530 Nw 46th St
Mc Donald's Regional Office Restaurants 1215 Sw Gage Blvd # B
Mc Farland's Restaurant Restaurants 4133 Sw Gage Center Dr
Mentzer's Great Fast Food Restaurants 2500 Ne Seward Ave
Millennium Cafe Restaurants 1515 Sw 10th Ave
Mr Goodcents Subs & Pastas Restaurants 2060 Nw Topeka Blvd
Mr Goodcents Subs & Pastas Restaurants 3640 Sw Topeka Blvd # B
Mr Goodcents Subs & Pastas Restaurants 1550 Sw Wanamaker Rd # 100a
Mr Goodcents Subs & Pastas Restaurants 4301 Sw 21st St # B
New China Restaurant Restaurants 201 Sw 29th St
North Star Steak House Restaurants 1100 Nw 25th St
Npc International Restaurants 2119 Sw Gage Blvd
O'dooley's Irish Pub & Grille Restaurants 1930 Sw Westport Dr # 100
Olive Garden Italian Rstrnt Restaurants 1925 Sw Wanamaker Rd
On The Border Mexican Grill Restaurants 1235 Sw Wanamaker Rd
Oriental Express Restaurant Restaurants 5954 Sw 29th St
Pad Of Washburn View Restaurants 2222 Sw Washburn Ave
Pad Restaurant Restaurants 1730 Nw Topeka Blvd
Paisano's Ristorante Restaurants 4043 Sw 10th Ave
Panda Buffet Restaurants 1801 Sw Wanamaker Rd # C6
Panda Garden Restaurants 600 Sw 10th Ave
Panera Bread Restaurants 1421 Sw Wanamaker Rd
Patrick's Cafe Restaurants 915 Sw Harrison St # B10
Pepe & Chela's Mexican Rstrnt Restaurants 1001 Sw Tyler St
Perkins Restaurant & Bakery Restaurants 1720 Sw Wanamaker Rd
Perky's Restaurants 1465 Se Washington St
Planet Sub Restaurants 2130 Sw Wanamaker Rd # 120
Plantation Steakhouse Restaurants 6646 Nw Topeka Blvd
Pop N Go Restaurants 109 Sw 29th St
Prize Package Store Restaurants 1420 Se 6th Ave
Qdoba Mexican Grill Restaurants 1025 Sw Wanamaker Rd # A
Quinton's Bar & Deli Restaurants 4121 Sw Huntoon St
Quiznos Restaurants 5967 Sw 29th St # 220a
Quiznos Restaurants 809 S Kansas Ave
Quiznos Restaurants 605 Nw Us Highway 24 # 101
Ramirez Carry Out Restaurants 2041 Se Washington St
Red Lobster Restaurants 2011 Sw Wanamaker Rd
Red Robin Gourmet Burgers Restaurants 6230 Sw 6th Ave
Rib Crib Bbq & Grill Restaurants 1320 Sw Ashworth Pl
Rowhouse Restaurant & Catering Restaurants 515 Sw Van Buren St
Saigon Restaurant Restaurants 3200 Sw 29th St
Sakura Restaurant Of Japan Restaurants 5632 Sw 29th St
Sbarro Restaurants 1801 Sw Wanamaker Rd # 23
Schlotzsky's Deli Restaurants 607 S Kansas Ave
Schlotzsky's Deli Restaurants 2933 Sw Woodside Dr
Schlotzsky's Deli Restaurants 2019 Sw Gage Blvd
Schlotzsky's Deli Restaurants 400 Sw 29th St # Z
Shack Ii Restaurants 2842 Se 29th St
Skinny's Sports Bar & Grill Restaurants 4016 Sw Huntoon St
Sonic Drive-In Restaurants 3820 Sw 29th St
Sonic Drive-In Restaurants 636 Nw Us Highway 24
Sonic Drive-In Restaurants 3721 Sw Topeka Blvd
Sonic Drive-In Restaurants 3520 Se 29th St
Sonic Drive-In Restaurants 1151 Sw Gage Blvd
Sonic Drive-In Restaurants 2053 Sw Western Ave
Sonic Drive-In Restaurants 5922 Sw 21st St
Spangles Restaurants Restaurants 1130 Sw Wanamaker Rd
Spangles Restaurants Restaurants 2037 Sw Gage Blvd
Spangles Restaurants Restaurants 635 Nw Us Highway 24
Spangles Restaurants Restaurants 440 Sw 29th St
Spanky's Restaurants 3100 Sw Gage Blvd
Steak 'n Shake Restaurants 1415 Sw Wanamaker Rd
Subway Restaurants 634 S Kansas Ave # B
Subway Restaurants 6020 Sw 29th St
Subway Restaurants 935 S Kansas Ave
Subway Restaurants 2003 Se 29th St
Subway Restaurants 1501 Sw Wanamaker Rd # 2
Subway Restaurants 2600 Nw Rochester Rd
Subway Restaurants 2518 Sw 17th St
Subway Restaurants 1037 Sw Gage Blvd
Subway Restaurants 5329 Sw 21st St
Subway Restaurants 4731 Nw Hunters Ridge Cir # D
Subway Restaurants 101 Ne Us Highway 24 # B
Subway Restaurants 5916 Sw Topeka Blvd
Subway Restaurants 1801 Sw Wanamaker Rd # Vc1
Subway Restaurants 1500 Sw 41st St # 200
Subway Restaurants 3258 Sw Topeka Blvd # 2
Sunny Street Cafe Restaurants 2135 Sw Gage Blvd
Sweet Peas Restaurants 1306 S Kansas Ave
T & T Management Co Inc Restaurants 3320 Sw Harrison St # 1
T J's Restaurants 5305 Sw Topeka Blvd
Taco Bell Restaurants 101 Se 29th St
Taco Bell Restaurants 1560 Sw Wanamaker Rd
Taco Bell Restaurants 2013 Nw Topeka Blvd
Taco Casa Restaurants 5656 Sw 29th St
Taco Casa Restaurants 1423 1/2 Sw 6th Ave
Taco El Sol Restaurants 2124 Se 6th Ave
Taco John's Restaurants 3506 Sw Topeka Blvd
Taco John's Restaurants 1015 Sw Wanamaker Rd
Taco Tico Inc Restaurants 2102 Nw Topeka Blvd
Taco Tico Inc Restaurants 3200 Sw Topeka Blvd
Taco Tico Inc Restaurants 5222 Sw 17th St
Taco Tico Inc Restaurants 2511 Se California Ave
Taco Villa Restaurants 5300 Sw 21st St # A
Taco's El Sol Restaurants 2124 Se 6th Ave
Tacos El Mexicano Restaurants 2002 Se California Ave
Tequila's Mexican Restaurant Restaurants 2911 Sw 29th St
Terry's Bar & Grill Restaurants 522 Sw 6th Ave
Texas Roadhouse Restaurants 5901 Sw Huntoon St
Tortilla Jack's Mexican Rstrnt Restaurants 1618 Sw Washburn Ave
Tortilleria La Esquina Restaurants 2100 Se California Ave
Tup Tim Thai Restaurant Restaurants 220 Sw 29th St
Varsity Blues Bar & Bar-B-Que Restaurants 1616 Sw 17th St
Wellers Grill & Bar Restaurants 222 Nw Independence Ave
Wendy's Restaurants 1820 Sw Wanamaker Rd
Wendy's Restaurants 1251 Sw Gage Blvd
Wendy's Restaurants 728 Sw Topeka Blvd
Wendy's Restaurants 3250 Sw Topeka Blvd
Wendy's Restaurants 2025 Nw Topeka Blvd
Wrap City Grill Restaurants 735 S Kansas Ave

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